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Planned Giving

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Legacy Society

MSUM's Legacy Society recognizes all who have made a planned gift benefitting MSUM through its Alumni Foundation and have informed the MSUM Alumni Foundation of this fact. Contributions of any kind, including contingent gifts, and ones of any size are recognized. These include revocable and irrevocable gifts, such as a:
  • Bequest through a will or trust
  • Beneficiary designation in a retirement plan
  • Charitable gift annuity (cga)
  • "Green Trust"
  • Unitrust
  • Beneficiary designation in an insurance policy
  • Bargain sale
Become a member of MSUM's Legacy Society through this online form.

- Sample bequest language is "I give and bequeath to MSUM Alumni Foundation, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation located at 1104 South Seventh Street. Moorhead, MN 56563, the sum of $____ (__%) of my (residual) estate (for _________)." Parenthetical language provides an alternate way of supporting MSUM's needs and mission through its Alumni Foundation. Any restriction of your gift, including addition to the endowment or a particular fund, can be made by including language in the final parentheses.

- Your gift can be restricted to a particular fund; a college, department or sport; or a use meeting the approval of the Alumni Foundation; advance review and approval of restrictions is advised to ensure your intentions are met.

- Please tell us the exact name(s) by which you want to be recognized. You can be an anonymous member of the Legacy Society, if you wish.

To learn more about supporting the University, see For more information on planned gifts or to newly report a future commitment for MSUM in your estate plan, call Mark Hensrud at (218) 477-4226.